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What We Offer

  • Consulting Services
  • System, Data Integration and Analytics Platform
  • Application Development Platform


Medical Interoperability Network Technology (MiNT), Cloud-based platform that connects new and legacy technologies so you can make better decisions quicker. MiNT simplifies data exchange, integration, and storage.



API Gateway to access all services.

  • USA National Gateway -Access to 1600 Hospitals, 40,000 Clinics, 600,000 Providers
  • Enterprise Level Master Patient Index
  • HL7 Message Transformation and Interface Engine
  • Clinical Data and Document Repository
  • Consent Management
  • Single Sign-On with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Support
  • Referral Management

Patient Holistics enables stakeholders to utilize single sign-on access to treatment information at the point of care from within your health record and/or other external applications. Users can view data and make referrals to and from internal/external organizations. Organizations can provide real-time bi-directional communication with external referral organizations to seamlessly achieve universal comprehensive care coordination.

  • SMART on FHIR and SAML Compliant
  • Launch from any application to view critical data assets and reports at the point of care
  • Bi-directional electronic referral application to communicate needed services within and outside of your organization.





Solutions to Improve Care Coordination and Workflow Management

Careflow is a scalable web-application customized to fit organizations’: workflows, data collection, and reporting needs. Currently, Careflow is used to: gather COVID-19 assessment data, collect proxy and consent documents, schedule patients for testing and vaccinations, track on-site tests and vaccinations, and display interactive COVID-19 reports.  Careflow’s application can also apply more broadly to any healthcare setting that needs to customize a stepwise workflow and needs to gather, track, and manage data to produce quantifiable outcomes. The solution automates workflows using responsive forms, business rules, data integration, dashboards, and reports.

  • Build and customize forms and assessments.
  • Capture consent and proxy documentation.
  • Integrate data from assessments and forms to drive workflow.
  • Customize case management tasks with built-in business rules.
  • Enable users to systematically track steps of a process.


Omnibus Care Plan (OCP) OCP was developed by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, OCP is a patient-centric, standards-based, goal-driven treatment plan through which the patient and his or her healthcare team(s) can effectively collaborate and improve care coordination and outcomes across multiple healthcare settings.

  • Organization Administration–Adding and managing organization details, contact personnel, locations, and activity definitions.
  • Practitioners –Adding and managing practitioner details, practitioner roles, and organization association.
  • Patients –Adding and managing patient’s: details, insurance/benefits information, and care teams (including clinical and non-clinical team members within and across organizations, relatives, caretakers, and the patients themselves)
  • OCP Access –Register users to OCP and manage user access.
  • Tasks and To-Do –Creating, managing, and updating patient-related tasks (based on organization-defined activity definitions) and patient-related To-Dos.
  • Communications –Logging patient communications and associate communications with appointments, tasks, and To-Dos
  • SMART-on-FHIR Apps Management – Launch various SMART on FHIR apps to extend features and functions.


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